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You can now select how you would like to use ClassCover so we're always sending you relevant info
You can now select how you would like to use ClassCover so we're always sending you relevant info

Are you here for casual bookings, ClassCover Jobs, accessing PD or all of the above? Let us know so we send you info you need to know

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ClassCover is growing and while we're adding extra services, we want to make sure you are only receiving the information you need to know about.

That's why we've created a section in your teacher profile where you can tell us why you are on ClassCover.

It's important you update this and save your changes if you want to ensure you are only getting contacted with relevant information.

How to choose your ClassCover preference

  1. To update your preferences, login to ClassCover (web version) and navigate to 'My Profile'.

  2. Click on 'edit profile' and scroll down to the 'Using ClassCover to' section.

  3. Click on all that apply to you (you can choose more than one)

  4. Click 'SAVE'

Reasons to be using ClassCover

ClassCover Bookings

Casual teachers looking to get booked for work by local schools will use ClassCover Bookings. You will also want to be using ClassCover Jobs to connect to schools who are posting call outs for more casual teachers to join their list.

Updating availability and keeping your profile up to date is important for success on ClassCover Bookings.

ClassCover Jobs

ClassCover Jobs showcases job opportunities posted by schools near you with the option to expand you search.

The types of jobs posted are:

  • Full time

  • Part time

  • Contract

  • Job share

  • Tutors

  • Casual call outs (for schools to auto add you to their list for ClassCover Bookings)

You may wish to only be using ClassCover for ClassCover Jobs and not be asked to update your availability for Bookings.

Accessing PD through the Relief Teacher Association

ClassCover profile holders can upgrade their account to a Relief Teacher Association membership to access 85 hours of accredited PD. Access to the courses and the subscription sits within your ClassCover account.

You may only wish to use ClassCover to access courses.

What to choose?

You can choose one, two or all of the options above as to why you are using ClassCover and the types of information you would like to receive.

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