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How to use your School Calendar on ClassCover
How to use your School Calendar on ClassCover

View, edit or cancel bookings on ClassCover using your calendar.

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The ClassCover calendar serves as your one source of truth for anything bookings related. You can use your calendar to view past or upcoming bookings, edit booking details, cancel bookings, and even add bookings made outside of ClassCover.

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your calendar.

View your bookings on ClassCover

You can use your calendar to view all the bookings made in and outside of ClassCover—more on that below. From your calendar, you can view both upcoming and historical bookings in just a few taps.

See more details and edit bookings

While you can see important information on all bookings at-a-glance from your calendar, clicking on an individual booking will give you the full details and allow you to make edits.

Details you can edit include the class being covered, teacher being covered, reason for the absence, leave approval status, and comments for the casual being booked. You can also edit the customisable fields in your booking. These fields can be customised in the Admin Settings page of the product.

Note: Teachers and other casual staff are unable to cancel bookings via the ClassCover app. Based on feedback we have received from schools, we have chosen not to enable this feature. To cancel a booking, teachers and casual staff will need to reach out to your school directly. Please ensure that you have the correct contact details on your school profile to enable cancellations.

Edit, update, or delete bookings in bulk

You can use 'Bulk Actions' to cancel or edit a series of bookings, which is handy if you have booked a teacher for a long block and need to update or cancel the booking without doing it one day at a time. Here's how it works:

Create an external booking or other event

The ClassCover calendar also allows for you to keep track of bookings made outside of the app, as well as any other important events—we call these 'external events'.

You can use the 'Add External Event' functionality to keep track of an event like a 'Field Trip' which will assist your school in planning and managing casual staff on ClassCover. Here's how it works:

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