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Administrator and Different Types of User Accounts: Explained
Administrator and Different Types of User Accounts: Explained
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ClassCover allows you to have unlimited school users in your account. You can invite team members and assign permissions from the page 'Manage Team'. This page can be found under the top right hand corner on the desktop version under your school name.

The role types available to you are:

  • RTA - (Relief teacher administrator. This is the main account holder and there can only be one)

  • School Administrator

  • Classroom Teacher

The permissions you can set are:

  • Owner (this is the RTA and can only be one)

  • Administrator Access

  • Limited Access

What the permissions mean

Owner (RTA)

Main account owner. You have full admin rights but you are also the main point of contact.

  • Can approve and remove teachers

  • Can adjust admin settings

  • Can place bookings

  • Can post jobs

  • Can send messages via ClassCover

  • Can edit and create Smart Groups

  • can edit school profile

Administrator Access

Full admin access same as above but not the main account holder.

Limited access

Can access the school's profile and send booking requests. They can also cancel a booking made by themselves only. They can't approve or remove teachers and don't have access to Find New, Pending Requests or Pending Invites. They can also download payroll reports.

All other admin features mentioned above aren't available to Limited Access users.

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