ClassCover has recently launched shareable Teacher Portfolios, allowing you to build out your career portfolio via your ClassCover profile and switch your profile to live to share with schools and other potential employers to see.

Here you can showcase your work history, teaching levels, subjects, skills and attributes. These new additions are now available for you to fill out and update via your ClassCover profile.

You can use your shareable teacher portfolio link in your CV when applying for work in schools. Schools can then find you on ClassCover and add you to their regular booking list.

Your teacher portfolio is a way for you to show yourself off, be found, booked and employed and acts like an online resume. Schools don’t have to be logged into ClassCover to be able to view your Teacher Portfolio.

Good to know: Personal information, references and files are not shared on the public portfolio page. Schools who are logged in are able to view your full profile.

How to turn this feature ON

To turn this feature on, log in to your ClassCover profile on the web version and switch it on. You can then copy your unique teacher portfolio link to share with schools.

Make sure you have all the fields filled out that will be included in your Teacher Portfolio such as Work Experience, Skill, Attributes, and Qualifications.

For schools to be able to find you through this link, you will need to make sure your profile is switched to 'Profile viewable to every school'

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