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How do I set up my account?

Click here to create an account or if you were invited by someone at your facility, follow the link provided in the invitation email. Once you have an account, follow the Onboarding wizard to get your profile set up.

Click here for more setup instructions.

How do I start offering rotations?

To begin offering rotations, you'll want to make sure you set up the following:

  • Your facility's profile (that give students an overview of your clinical site)

  • Service areas (that serve as the broad education experience for each rotation)

  • Capacity windows (that serve as specific slots/allotments based on capacity to train in your facility)

Click here for more information on setting up rotations.

What does my school partner need to do?

If your school partner schedules students at your facility, they'll need to complete the following:

  • Set up a school and personal profile

  • Import student names and email addresses

  • *Optionally, schedule students on capacity windows you've configured

*This step will depend on how you and your school partner handle scheduling, both you and your school partner will have the ability to schedule students once they've been added by your school partner.

Click here or pass along the link to your school partner for more information.

What do students need to do?

Students will be invited to join by their school or can set up an account on their own.

If coordinators are scheduling rotations, students will need to log in, set up their profile, and complete onboarding steps for any rotations that have been scheduled. Click here or pass along this link to students for more information on school scheduled rotations.

If students are seeking elective rotations, they will need to log in, set up their profile, complete an application for an elective rotation, and once accepted- complete onboarding steps. Click here or pass along this link to students for more information on elective rotation requests.

What is the difference between an application step and an onboarding step?

Application steps can be helpful in supporting the 4th year elective rotation workflow. Steps can be created to help you identify what information you need in order to decide whether or not to accept a student into a rotation.

Onboarding steps are tasks or documents that need to be completed and/or uploaded into Clinician Nexus in preparation for a student beginning a rotation at your site.

Click here for more information on configuring steps.

How do students know what's available?

If you choose to offer elective rotations that students can apply to, they'll be listed in the available offerings on Clinician Nexus's rotations search page for students. From here, students can browse and apply for rotations based on a variety of criteria.

Click here for more information about adding services and allocating capacity or click here to create or edit services and capacity allocations for elective requests.

How do I monitor onboarding progress?

Once students have been scheduled in rotations, their rotations will display in various statuses that may or may not require your attention. Click here for an overview of each status or click here for information on what actions may be required for you to complete and how to track student progress.

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