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Setting Up Your Clinical Site

Clinical Site: Instructions for Setting Up Your Organization on Clinician Nexus

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Registering your organization on Clinician Nexus is simple. This article will provide all the direction needed to prep your org's profile, and enter necessary information.

Note: If you're a coordinator, the admin may have set up many of these steps already.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Build Your Health Organization & Personal Profile

  • Create Application, Onboarding, Active, Offboarding and Evaluation Steps

  • Create Services

  • Add Opportunities

  • Invite your Affiliate Schools

  • Add Affiliation Agreements

  • Add Staff

  • Advanced and Security Settings

Build Your Organizational & Personal Profile

Just as you want to get to know your students more, the students also want to build deeper connections with your system, hospital or clinic. Clinician Nexus fulfills this need through organizational and personal profiles. Everyone can fill in their personal profile, and if you are an admin, remember to fill out the profile information for your organization too. Profile information can act as a strong selling point for your rotations.

For Your Personal Profile:

  • Click the square Account icon, located on the top left of the page

  • From the sub-menu, select Edit my profile:

For the Organizational Profile:

  • Click Settings, located on the left navigation

  • From the sub-menu, select Profile:

Create Application, Onboarding, Active, Offboarding and Evaluation Steps

Clinician Nexus offers several opportunities to collect and review important documentation for the application, onboarding, and offboarding process. Some steps may be created by the parent organization and automatically assigned to your clinical site (if applicable), but you are also able to add steps that are directly required by your individual clinical site based on the needs of the facility.

To configure steps:

  • Click Settings on the left navigation menu

  • From the sub-menu, select Application Steps, Onboarding Steps, Active Steps, Offboarding Steps or Evaluation Steps:

  • From here, you can add and configure the steps that are required by clicking +Add Step at the top of the page:

Create Services

Services are the areas of the clinical site that education takes place. These services exist independently of date ranges, opportunities, and specific agreements with schools. You can add and configure all of the services provided by your clinical site when you get started on Clinician Nexus or add/manage existing services later, as needed. It's helpful to set up services before you begin adding agreements with schools.

To create services:

  • Click Services on the left navigation menu

  • Click +Add Service

  • Next, in the New Service window, you can add and configure the information for the general service area of your facility:

Add Opportunities

To add an opportunity within each service area for scheduling/allowing requests,

  • Click an existing service from the services sub-menu

  • Click +Add Opportunity

In the new opportunity window, you'll be able to allocate a new opportunity based on your preferences

Note on workflow types:
​Selecting allow coordinator scheduling for the workflow type will allow you to link the opportunity for an individual school partner to schedule students directly.

Selecting post to search page for the workflow type will allow you to make the rotation available for students to apply directly.

Invite Your Affiliate Schools

The schools that you have affiliations with will need to get set up in Clinician Nexus so they can invite students and schedule rotations. To invite schools, refer them here - or they can visit to sign up!

Add Affiliation Agreement Information (Coordinator Scheduled Rotations)

In order to allocate an opportunity for schools to schedule rotations, you'll first need to include information regarding existing affiliation agreements with partner schools. Once you add an agreement in Clinician Nexus, you can submit it to the affiliate school for approval. This serves as the connection point between the clinical site and the school. Since the agreement is negotiated and confirmed outside of Clinician Nexus, you won't need additional authorization. Also, while you can upload the affiliation agreement for reference, it is not required.

To create an agreement:

  • Click Settings on the left navigation menu

  • From the sub-menu, select Agreements

  • Next, click +Add Agreement to set up an agreement with an affiliate school:

After you've completed these steps, you and your school partner can begin scheduling students in rotations!

Add Staff

After the profile for an account Admin has been created, additional staff members can be added to Clinician Nexus. To add a staff member:

  • Click Settings from the left navigation menu

  • Next, click Staff

  • Click the +Add Staff at the top of the page to add a new staff member:

In the New staff popup window, enter the staff member's name, email address, assign them to the appropriate organization, add a title, create a custom welcome message, and assign their role:

The staff member will automatically receive an email invitation to join Clinician Nexus and create a profile.
​Or, if the staff member has an existing account in Clinician Nexus, they will receive a notification that they have been added to your organization.

Advanced and Security Settings

To set up and/or edit advanced or security settings:

  • Click Settings from the left navigation menu

  • Click Advanced settings or Security settings from the submenu

Note: These settings will only be visible/configurable for users with an Administrator (Admin) role in Clinician Nexus.

Advanced Settings

Security Settings:

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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