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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Message length, send delays, unsubscribe, preferences, resident discharge,

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A resident family contact is requesting to receive messages via a different contact method (voice, text or email). How do I change this for them?

By default, contacts will receive your message following your Organization’s preferred settings; however, you can override this for individuals requesting a different contact method. You can do so directly in the PointClickCare contact record by adding a code in the contact’s Comments field as shown here:

  • Open the Resident’s Chart

  • Select the Profile tab

  • In the Contacts table, click edit on the contact whose preference you wish to update

  • Add the requested preference code to the Comments Field and SAVE

  • For voice: (PR:V)

  • For email: (PR:E)

  • For text (SMS) to their cell number: (PR:TC)

  • For do not contact: (PR:N)

Can I stop messages from being delivered to a specific contact who no longer wishes to receive notifications?

Yes. You can do so directly in the PointClickCare contact record by adding a code in the contact’s Comments field as shown above.

  • For do not contact: (PR:N)

I’ve clicked Send. When will messages be sent out to resident family members?

Automated Care Messaging, by default, will send all messages that are triggered between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Messages will be sent shortly after they are initiated, with slight processing delays based on the volume of contacts for a given message.

Out of consideration for contacts who may be located in different time zones, messages will not be delivered between 10:00 PM and 9:00 AM. This is referred to as a “Blackout Period”. Messages initiated during the Blackout Period will be sent at 9:00 AM the following day. You can request to change the "Blackout Period" globally for your organization or remove it completely, by sending your request via email to

For emergency messages, you can override the "Blackout Period" on a send-by-send basis. In the Recipients Filter popup, there is a Message Options tab.

Go to Message Options > Send message during blackout period and slide the cursor to Yes.

Note: The times listed will reflect the time zone for your Facility (Main Menu ☰ > Settings>Personal Settings). If you have family members who reside outside of your time zone, they could receive messages at inconvenient times. Please consider this when sending messages early in the day or late at night.

How can we change the default "Blackout Period" for our organization?

Send an email to and request to change the "Blackout Period" globally for your organization from the default of 10 pm to 9 am or remove it completely.

I created my message and hit send and it is not sending, what is wrong?

It could be that you are sending a message during the "Blackout Period" and your message will hold until the end of the "Blackout Period" for your organization. The default Blackout Period is from 10 pm to 9 am daily unless your organization has changed this default.

If you are sending a message during the "Blackout Period" you will be provided with the option in the Advanced Options section to "Send message during blackout period" by sliding the toggle to the right.

If a resident family contact does not respond to a voice call, do you then send a text (SMS) or email?

While your resident family members may receive a message in the method of their choice, we limit communication to one method per contact (voice, text or email). For voice calls, however, we will make up to 2 attempts to reach the contact and will leave voicemails.

What happens if a resident is discharged? How often do you sync with PointClickCare data?

Cliniconex connects with your PointClickCare EHR to get the most up-to-date contact information right before every message is sent. If a contact record is updated, added or deleted, or if a resident’s status is changed, Automated Care Messaging will use the most current information with every outgoing message.

I’m unable to create a new template, save changes to my template, or send a message.

It is likely that your account does not have the right permissions to complete these actions, and you will need to contact your Organization Administrator. To find out who this is, go to Main Menu ☰ > User Management > Users.

I can’t see my facility in the application. I am seeing another facility in our organization.

Cliniconex will use your default facility as set in PointClickCare. Please check this setting with your PointClickCare administrator. If you continue to have issues, please contact Support

How long can my message be? Is there a character limit? Does it vary for each method of communication?

The maximum length of messages across all communication methods is 5000 characters, however, we encourage our customers to limit the length of their communications. It is important to keep in mind that some voicemail service providers cut off messages that are too lengthy (this varies per service provider) and that SMS messages have a 1200-character limit which results in longer communications being broken up into multiple SMS messages.

The system will tell you once you've reached the 5000-character limit with the warning message "Message body cannot exceed 5000 characters," shown below.

Can a user have access to more than one facility in the ACM app?

Yes, Organizational Admins can allow Facility Admins and Users to access more than one facility. This can be configured by going to:
Main Menu ☰ > User Management > Users

To learn more read our Adding a New User article.

If your organization is accessing the ACM app via PointClickCare EHR integration, note that Facility Admins and Users will only have access to the facilities (or a subset of those) they can access in PointClickCare.

Can I send messages targeting more than one facility at a time?

Yes. A user can send messages to all resident contacts or staff en masse to all facilities they have access to.

To learn more, read our Sending to multiple facilities article.

Which contact fields does Cliniconex use to reach resident contacts?

As shown below, valid contact fields that can be used by Cliniconex are:

Office Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Email. The Pager Phone and Other Phone fields are not valid and will be ignored by the system.

My administrator has moved to another facility, and needs access, how do I authorize?

Organization Administrator roles are required to authorize any new facility changes within your organization. Please see the steps within this link ASSIGN ROLES & FACILITY ACCESS

How can I have a direct link in PointClickCare to access Cliniconex?

You will need to send a request to PointClickCare Support and request to add Cliniconex link, as an External Link to the PointClickCare home page and set for all facilities.

How can I export the send report details in excel?

When you email your report, select all data, copy and then paste into an new excel worksheet or file.

I am not able to see the code to set up Caller ID?

The call display screen is a little tricky as your screen will need to be set at 90% Zoom ratio for you to be able to see the code.

Icons and what do they mean?

Help Center: enter keywords to search the knowledge base.

Copy: import a message template from the in-app library.

Folder: create a category.

Plus: create a new message.

Save: Save a new message or updates to a template.

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