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User Guide: How to Use ACM
Getting Started: A Guide for New Users
Getting Started: A Guide for New Users

New to Automated Care Messaging? Start here! (User Guide)

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Congratulations! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to adopt Cliniconex’s Automated Care Messaging solution. This article is intended to guide you through how to use the application to communicate with your resident family community and/or staff.

Through seamless integration with your EHR, Automated Care Messaging allows you to send targeted messages via voice, text or email to resident family contacts and/or staff. The solution utilizes resident family contact information already stored in your EHR and automatically logs records of all communications in residents' charts.

It’s a very effective tool to send mass notifications to keep resident families informed. Whether during an emergency situation, outbreak or simply to inform the community of an upcoming social event, ACM will save your care team hours of manual call outs.

If you’re not familiar with the solution, we recommend you start by watching this 2-minute solution overview video:

Once you're familiar with what the solution can do for you and your team, take a quick read through the following articles:

If you're in a rush or don't feel like reading, at least take a moment to watch this 3-minute video 😁

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Note: All information provided in our knowledge base will assume default settings as typically configured by Cliniconex. You may experience differences in the event that your organization has changed these settings.

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