First, you will need to contact your payment provider to issue the physical cash refund. Issuing a refund in Clubworx will change your financial reports but does not trigger held funds to be transferred anywhere.

You can refund a membership payment through either the contact profile or payments page.

On the Payments page, click the cog symbol beside the payment you wish to refund and then select "Refund" 

You will then be able to specify the refund amount and the reason for the refund: 

The refund will show like this: 

To refund on a contact profile, go to the payments tab and click the cog icon: 

You will then be asked to enter the refund amount and the reason for the membership: 

It will then show on the contact profile payments tab like this: 

You are currently unable to refund the payments in the POS sales history, but you can contact support if you would like a payment to be deleted at 

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