Understanding Your Auto-Payments

You've connected your payment provider of choice with Clubworx, now what?

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Congrats, your payments are connected! This means that your chosen payment provider has activated your account and Clubworx has connected both accounts and confirmed that your Auto-payments have been activated in your Clubworx account.

The next time you log into your Clubworx account, you will see that you can now add payment methods (ie, credit or debit cards or ACH if applicable) into the Wallet section on your member’s profile page (or the profile page of a Non-attending Contact).

NOTE:  If you have entered a payment method in your member’s wallet any payments scheduled for that member will be automatically processed on the respective due dates. 

Good news, even though you have set up autopayments, you can still manually reconcile any payments (that are in the future) if you need. You can make changes to the state of an upcoming payment from the three dots found on the far right of any payment line item in Clubworx. 

For example, you may need to: 

  • Skip a Payment. For example, you may need to waive an upcoming fee for a member. You can read here for more details on skipping payments individually, or skipping payments in bulk.  

  • Mark a payment as Paid.  You may have received a cash or cheque from your member and need to to mark a due payment as paid.

  • Change the amount. You may have agree to apply credit to your members upcoming payment, or they may have part paid an up coming payment in cash. In these cases, you'll need to adjust the amount of the upcoming payment. 

Tracking failed payments through Clubworx

You can use your debtor report to keep an eye on failed payments occurring in your account. This can be found at the top right of your main payments list. This report is super useful as it will show you any payment that is outstanding for any contact since you began using your Clubworx account. 

Managing failed payments through Clubworx

  • Manually rescheduling failed payments. When a payment fails for one of your members, you can manually reschedule that payment to a new date in the future. Clubworx will now retry the payment on that new date. You can also manually reschedule payments in bulk. Please read here for more details on rescheduling failed payments.

  • Automatically rescheduling failed payments. Please read here for more detail on how to set up automatic rescheduling of failed payments in Clubworx. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on support@clubworx.com if you have any further questions regarding your Auto-payments feature.

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