Getting Started with your Free Clubworx Website

How to get started with your free Clubworx website

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If your gym, club, school, or studio doesn't have a website yet, Clubworx has your back! You can find your website by heading to "Admin" then selecting "Website". 

Business Details:

The "Business Details" section of your website set up is where you'll put your gym information such as contact phone number and email address, as well as opening hours, your address, and any social media links.

You'll also see the orange "Open Website" button beside "Manage Website" which you can click to see what your free Clubworx website looks like.

Website Design

The website design section is where you can add your gym logo and header image to your free website, as well as get a preview of what this will look like. You'll also be able to set your "Theme Color" which will be the color that appears throughout your Clubworx website; and also the Member Portal if you are on the Established Plan. 

Website Copy

Your website copy is where the text or images for various pages will appear. 


This is where you choose the text that will show when your members or prospects visit the first page of your website

Contact Us: 

This is the text that will appear on the page which displays your "Contact Us" form 

This is where you can upload any pictures you'd like to share with your members and prospects on your free Clubworx website

Terms & Conditions: 

This is where you can add anything you'd like your members and prospects to know about training with you. (Note, this is a separate section to the Terms and Conditions section of waivers.) 


Do you have a special promotion going that you'd like to share? Using the "Promotions" section, you'll be able to feature that membership on the homepage (as well as in the "Memberships" section of your free Clubworx website).

Please note you'll only be able to share one membership at a time. 


Integrations is where you will find HTML snippets for adding your Timetable, Free Trial Calendar, and Contact Us form to a website outside of Clubworx. You can check out THIS ARTICLE for more info.

Further questions or queries about your free Clubworx website? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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