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Adding Products in Product Sales
Adding Products in Product Sales

Before you sell anything through Product Sales, you need to create your products! This is a really simple process.

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To add a product:

Step 1: Click Product Sales then click the orange + New Product button in the top right of the screen.

Step 2: A drawer will appear from the side of your screen with the form for creating your product. We will go through each field now:

  • Name: Give you product a descriptive name so you will know what it is when you are adding it to a sale

  • Product Code: This is mainly used if you use a barcode scanner. If you are not using a scanner, we recommend leaving it blank. If you are using a scanner, this number must be unique.

  • Qty in stock: How many of these items do you have on hand? This number is relevant because Clubworx will show you how many items remain after each sale. You can click Switch to 'Unlimited' if you don't need to keep track of the quantity.

  • Product Category: Like membership categories, you can choose the category of your products for ease of reporting later. This will also allow you to sort and filter products during sales.

  • Color: This will allow you to add a color code to the product, which will show in lieu of a product photo in the Point of Sale screen.

  • Price: Enter the price of your product. This is the final price that would show, regardless of tax settings.

  • Cost per unit: How much the product cost your business to purchase.

  • Tax exempt?: Is the product or service Tax Exempt? IF your product does not carry any tax, you can leave the toggle off (grey).

  • Available for Sale?: If you are ready to start selling your product, switch the toggle on (green), if you are setting up a product that you don’t have stock for yet, switch the toggle to off (grey) --- Just remember to come back and change that to Yes when the stock comes in!

  • Applicable Tax Rate: Select this from the drop down menu. This article contains more information on managing tax rates in POS

  • Price is exclusive of tax: As described above, make sure you get this right. In the example below, we have set the price at $90 and changed this option to Yes. Since the tax rate is 10%, this will add $9 onto the price at the time the product is being sold. If we had select No, the total would remain as $90 to be collected from the customer.

  • Description: You can add a description of the product that will show in the Product Sales screen while making a sale. This will help you make sure you are selecting the correct item, or provide more information to staff making the sale!

Now you are ready to make a sale in POS!

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