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Building a Custom Report

Start building your reports with the Clubworx Report Builder

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Let’s build a Proactive Member Retention Report as an example:

Step 1: Select Reports from the main navigation menu at the top of your site and then click the orange +Add Report button.

Step 2: Name the report – Proactive Retention Report. You can choose to add a tag at this stage. A tag is like a filing system. In the future, you might want to see all reports with the tag ‘retention’.

Step 3: If the report is for you use only, check the Private report checkbox. However, if you want the rest of your team to see this report, leave the box unchecked. In this example, we are leaving the box unchecked so our team has access to the information.

Step 4: The next thing is to select the information (or columns) we want to see in our report. In this report, let's add some key information including Member Names, created date, the number of attendances, payment information and the last time they were contacted (so I’m not sending too many emails). Note, there will be no information in the report until you click save.

As the image below shows, when we run the report, we can see some information. On this screen, you can extend the number of records presented to 100 (by clicking on the orange links) and also click on the headings to sort the report. You can also clone the report or export is to .csv (so you can analyze it in excel).

Now let’s take a look at how you can then edit the report and add a filter to narrow down the number of students in the report who haven’t attended at all in the past 7 days.

Step 5: When you are viewing your report, Click the orange Edit button in the top right of the page. This will allow you to add or remove filters if you don't quite get the result you're after!

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