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Reporting on Bookings Made or Remaining on Specific Memberships
Reporting on Bookings Made or Remaining on Specific Memberships

How to see how many booking members have left and how to filter to different memberships in Reports

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To Create a Report on a Specific Membership: 

Navigate to Reports and click "Add Report"

Name your report, then add or create any tags you wish to use by entering the tag name and hitting the enter key 

To create the report on memberships use the following filters:
Membership - Membership Name - Contains - [Membership Name]
Then click "Apply Filter"

For example: 

If you wish to include only active members in your report you can add the following filter:
Membership - Membership Active? - Is - Yes
Then "Apply Filter"

Next, tick any boxes beside the information you would like to use in the report.

Useful information for this report could include: First Name, Last Name, Membership Start Date, Membership Expiry Date, Booking Made, Bookings Attended, Bookings Absent, Bookings w/ Unmarked Attendance, and Bookings Remaining.

Membership information can be found under the "Membership" heading

These will be added sequentially but if you'd like to edit where the columns are you can drag and drop them.

When you have organised your columns, save the report.

You will then be taken to the final report

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