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Failed Payments for Individual Members
Failed Payments for Individual Members

What to do when an individual member has a failed payment

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Rescheduling a Failed Payment

To see the payments of a member navigate to the member's profile page. You can do this by searching for the member in the "Search Prospects and Members" bar or by going to your "Contacts" list. 

If there is a failed payment it will show like this:

To try the payment again, click on the calendar icon:

This will open a calendar for you to reschedule the payment. The earliest time you can reschedule is the next day. You are also able to reschedule the payment any time in the future. 

If the member has made a payment a different way to autopayments you can click the cog on the end of the row and then using the drop down menu, indicate that they have paid by cash, POS, or other.

Paid (other) indicates that the payment has been put through in a way that would not fit under Paid (Cash) or Paid (POS) this could be, for example, if a payment is paid through a payment provider not linked in your Clubworx account.

If you would like further help on managing failed payments in bulk, please read this article. 

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