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How to set up access control for your business

Clubworx integrates with Brivo so you can set up 24/7 access control for your members

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What is Brivo?
Brivo is an online access control software that allows you to integrate door controllers, turn-styles and other access control hardware with Clubworx. Through this integration you can control access to your premises from anywhere you can access your Clubworx account - Even on the go with your phone!

Is there a cost?
There is typically installation costs for any hardware you require, however this is charged separately by your local installer, not Clubworx. We can put you in touch with a certified Brivo installer who can provide you with a quote at your request. 

There is a monthly cost for the integration that will be charged by Clubworx. The cost varies by country, please use this link to view the price in your country: Clubworx Pricing (Access Control fee is located at the bottom of the page)

How do I get started?
Please email and we will be in touch for an initial call and provide you with the next steps.

I've got access control hardware installed, what's next?
You will still need to speak to one of our certified Brivo installers to ensure that the existing hardware/set up will be compatible with Brivo. Send a message on and we'll assist. 

How does the integration work once I have my Brivo and Clubworx account set up? 

Click on ADMIN in the top right of your account and select Access Control 

Then click "Sounds great, let's get started!" (remember you'll need to be on the Established Plan to enable this):

Then click "Authorize My Brivo Account":

You'll then be taken to the Brivo authorization page to log in: 

Once you're linked up, you'll be able to go back into Clubworx and navigate to any member, click on the new "Access Control" tab (highlighted below) and select "New User (contact is not on Brivo yet)" (or "Existing User" if they're already in your Brivo account) to link them to their Brivo record and start controlling their access from Clubworx: 

You will then need to select "Add Credential":

Then you will need to choose a card from your Brivo "Card Bank" to assign the member: 

Then "Link Credential":

If the member/prospect doesn't have a membership, they will automatically be on the status "Access Blocked" - To give them access, you can simply add an appropriate membership or simply select "Override Access":

You'll then be able to set the status as "Allowed" or "Blocked" and add the reason: 

When a member is able to enter, their status will show "Access Enabled":

You'll be able to see the activity log here: 

Note: If a member is behind on payments, their access will be revoked - But you will be able to override this using the Clubworx software from anywhere!

Any further questions or queries? Please contact for further information.

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