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How to set up your Free Trial Calendar and Integrate it on your External Website

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Your Clubworx Free Trial calendar is a calendar made up of any of your events that have a prospect space of 1 or more. 

You can embed this calendar on your website so that prospects can book themselves into the event for free which will add them to the event and create a prospect profile for them in Clubworx.

To get the code for your website, head to "Admin" then "Website" and click on the "Integrations" menu. 

Under the "Add Your Free Trial Button" you can click "Copy the HTML code to your clipboard" which will then give you the code to copy the calendar to your external website.

Now on your website when viewing the free trial calendar, a prospect can click on a class in the free trial calendar and then click "Not a Member? Click here to book in for a free class": 

This will then bring up the "Contact Information" form, when they fill this out a profile will be created for them and they will be booked into the class: 

Once the form is filled out and they click "Book Class" they will get a confirmation on the page that the booking is successful: 

Then in your Clubworx account, you will be able to see their booking: 

You will also receive an email notification:


If you use paid trials, you will need to create a membership for the amount of the trial and set the membership to expire after the trial period. Paid triallers will not be able to be booked in via the free calendar. If you use automated payments, Book and Pay may be a better option for managing paid triallers.

If you would like your prospects to be able to book into more than 1 free class, you can contact our support team at to allow your prospects to make multiple bookings before needing a membership.

Any further questions or queries? Our team can be reached at 

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