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Creating a Failed Payment Message Sequence in Clubworx
Creating a Failed Payment Message Sequence in Clubworx

Use sequences to set up automatic messaging when your member's payment fails

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Sometimes, life happens and payments fail. The great news is that on our Established plan, you can use sequences to let your members know what's happened so you can ensure that everything goes smoothly when you retry.

First, let's head over to "Messages" and then "Sequences" and click "Add Sequence": 

Next, you'll want to choose "Start sequence on" > "Payment Failure": 

Then, give your sequence a title for your own reference. This can be as simple as "Failed Payment Message": 

Next, drag and drop the blank template into the sequence so we can begin to compose your message: 

You can choose the timeframe that you'd like the message to be sent after failure (or tick "send immediately" if you'd like it sent as soon as the payment fails. You can also set the reply address to your gym's address, so that if the member replies, it will go to your inbox: 

Now, to compose the message as you would a regular message* - You can use the yellow merge tags by clicking on them to insert them into the message. They will pre-fill based on who the message is sent to, so you can add a feel of customization:

Don't forget to scroll down and save the sequence!:

Then you can set the sequence live by switching "Active" from "Off" to "On" (Sequences will be defaulted to "Off", just in case you need to make any edits before setting it live!): 

Congratulations! Your members can now get notified of failed payments, and you can get back to doing what you love instead of chasing them up!

* Did you know that you can set automatic retries on membership payments if they fail? Check out the "Automatic Reschedules" section when setting up a membership plan. Some gyms find it handy to have all membership set to retry after a certain number of days - So that means if you set your sequence to fire immediately, you can let your member know the number of days until you retry the payment.

If you'd like to set a uniform auto-reschedule across your member's failed payments/memberships, or if you have any other questions or queries, you can reach out to our support team at

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