It's a fact of doing business that sometimes your members' payments will fail. The great news is that Clubworx has made re-attempting these payments a breeze. This means you don't have to spend hours of admin work chasing up payments to get paid!

If you've not set up auto-payments, you'll need to do this first. You can speak to our team at to find out which payment providers are available in your country. Once this is done, you're ready to roll!

Membership Plans

The first place you can set your auto-rebill rule for failed payments is in the membership plans themselves. So let's head to "Admin" then "Membership Plans" and create a new plan: 

If you need help setting up membership plans, you can check out our other articles on setting up class passes and ongoing memberships. For now, let's set up a class pack as usual - Notice the "Automatic reschedules" box at the bottom: 

Once this is ticked, you'll have the option to reschedule memberships X days after failure, and decide how many times this will attempt before the payment settles as failed. You can leave this blank to continue indefinitely - However, please note that every failed payment will incur a failure fee if your payment provider charges one.

Let's set the payment to retry once a week for 2 weeks after the original failure:

Individual Members

You will also be able to customize this for individual members when adding a membership plan to a member in Clubworx.

If you go to a contact profile and click the "Add Membership" button, you'll be able to choose a membership plan for that member: 

Once you select the plan you wish to add and click continue, you'll be taken to the payment page: 

Here, you'll be able to change the auto-retry schedule. This won't change the default plan, or anyone else's retries on this plan, just the member who you are currently applying the membership for - Then click "Save membership" and you're done!:

Payments List:

If a payment for a membership with an auto-reschedule rule fails it will be automatically reset to "Upcoming". You'll be able to find these in your payments list by filtering to "Upcoming (Auto-reschedule): 

Any further questions or queries? Please contact our support team at 

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