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SCA Update: How to Create a Credit Card Update Waiver
SCA Update: How to Create a Credit Card Update Waiver
This article will show you how to create a waiver that allows your members to update their billing information on file to comply with SCA.
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This article is for customers in the EU who use Stripe to bill their customers. 

Step 1. - Create a new waiver

 From the top navigation menu, click Waivers and select My Waivers. Then click the + Add New Waiver button.

Set the options at the top of the waiver to New Members and All Contacts (see image below).

Step 2. - Hide the Sections You Don't Need

In this scenario, we are only looking to update the member's billing details so you can hide any sections you don't need. Scroll down the page and click the Show/Hide button to hide the section.

*Remember* Presumably, these members will already be on a membership plan so you should also hide the Membership Options section. 

Step 3 - Show the "Payment Authority Section"

The most important thing we need in this waiver is the Payment Authority section. Make sure this section is set to Show.

Step 4 - Set the Required Review Setting

At the bottom of the waiver there is a setting that says "Waiver must be reviewed and approved by gym before contact is added". Leave this blank

Be sure click Save + Publish when you're done.

Now when you bulk send this waiver to your customers their information will be automatically updated when they submit the waiver. 

Our Support Team is here to help. If you have any questions please contact us at 

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