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How to Automate Group Fitness Challenges with Clubworx
How to Automate Group Fitness Challenges with Clubworx

Keeping your members engaged and succeeding at their challenge just got easier.

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  1. Make sure that you have a membership plan set up for your 6 Week Challenge.

  2. Go to Sequences > Add Sequence

3. Enter the name of your sequence, and select the trigger as Membership Due to Start.

4. Depending on how you'd like to communicate with your members, you can add as many emails, tasks and SMSes as you'd like. It is important to structure them so that they are going out regularly according to your schedule.

5. To add a welcome email, click on the Blank Email Template and drag it across to the right hand side of the screen. Set your conditions as Membership has not been deleted and Membership name equals (NAME OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP). In the example below we have called the membership plan 6 Week Challenge.

This is the first step in the sequence, so we have set the email to send 2 days before the Membership is due to start. The rest of the steps will be scheduled relative to the step before.

6. Enter the Subject Line and Body of your email. You can use the yellow merge fields to populate information such as contact name and member portal details automatically.

7. Once you have added your first step in the sequence, you can continue to add more. It is important to remember to add the same conditions as the first step, and select how long after the previous step, you'd like the next step to be triggered.

In the example below, we have set up an SMS to be sent 3 days after the welcome email.

8. As well as SMSes and Emails, you can also set up tasks as reminders to make a phone call or set a meeting. These will also need to have the same conditions and be set to trigger after the previous step. The task can be one of three categories: phone call, meeting or email. This is a reminder to complete the task and will not arrange the meeting , send the email or make the phone call.

The task can be given a due date, and a reminder email will be sent to the assignee.

9. Continue to add Email, SMS and Tasks to your sequence until you're happy that you have are effectively communicating with your members throughout their challenge period.

Once you have the desired number of steps, click the Save button down the bottom of the screen.

10. You should now see your Sequence appearing in the list of sequences, use the toggle to make it active. The sequence will be triggered when someone adds their new challenge membership.

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