Using Class Kiosk Mode

Clubworx has a a kiosk mode that allows your staff to mark attendance or your members to mark their own attendance for a class.

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Class kiosk mode is a great way for members to check themselves in. It can be set up to require a pin to ensure that the rest of your Clubworx system is unavailable to your members, just on the off-chance someone presses the wrong button!

Kiosk Mode PIN

To set up security for the Kiosk Mode you will need to create a pin. Click Settings then choose Account Profile. Then select Kiosk / Roll Call. Under Require PIN to exit Kiosk mode enter a 4 digit number. This will always be required to exit kiosk mode on the device/computer you are using.

Accessing the 'Class Kiosk Mode'

There is more than one way to get to this mode. The first is by clicking the Class kiosk mode button on your dashboard:

You can also access Class Kiosk Mode by going to your calendar, selecting an event, then clicking the Class kiosk mode button.

From anywhere else in Clubworx, you can get to Class Kiosk mode quickly by clicking Class check-in at the bottom of the menu:

Inside Class Kiosk Mode

In Class Kiosk Mode you will find the events on the left of the screen. Here you can select the relevant class for members to sign in.

If you are looking for a past or future class, you are able to change the date. You can also filter by location. Both of these will be in the top left corner of class kiosk mode

The right screen contains the attendance section where members that have booked into the selected session will appear. There is also a search bar to find members that have not booked into the session and check them in.

Your members and prospects who have made bookings but have not checked in can be found in either the All Bookings or Waiting tab. When your members and prospects have checked in, you can find them in the Checked in or All Bookings tab:

On the top right of the screen, you can change the input to Scanner Mode if you have set up barcode scanning to check members in. 

To exit kiosk mode, use the Exit Kiosk Mode option in the bottom right of the screen. If you have set up a pin you will be asked to enter the pin in the following screen before being allowed to go back into Clubworx.


You can set up your Class Kiosk to auto-cycle to the next event as time progresses through the day - So that you can stay on top of the stuff you actually love doing!

To update the settings for Auto-cycle, head to Settings then Account Profile and click Kiosk / Roll Call. Then tick the Auto-cycle to next event? option and if required, choose how far in advance until the next future event is selected (and don't forget to Save!):

You can switch Auto-cycle on or off while in Class Kiosk Mode by clicking this button (if you have a PIN, this will be required to change the setting):


It is important to use this mode instead of General Kiosk Mode when you need attendances for specific classes to be deducted from memberships.

Clubworx also offers a slightly different check in for General Attendances. This is used if you need to mark that members have arrived at your facility, but they are not attending a specific class. Read more about General attendance Kiosk mode here

For any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clubworx support team at

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