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Using Barcodes with Clubworx

Set up barcodes for your members to quickly and easily check in on arrival

Updated over a week ago

You'll need to ensure the member's barcode number is associated with their profile. 

Assign the Barcode ID in the Member Number field on their profile - see below: 

Clubworx does generate a barcode for member numbers in the Mobile Member App for your members to use on their mobile devices to check into their classes, however if you prefer using a printed member card, you will have to use a third party barcode generator and card printer.

Once your member cards have been printed, each barcode will have a unique corresponding number. This is the number you can enter into the member number field on your member profile.  

There are a variety of scanners available and which scanner you use would mostly depend on which electronic device is used for Clubworx member check in. Please discuss it with your scanner or device provider if you need more information around which scanner best suits your setup.

Once the barcode numbers have been added to your member profiles, you can attach a scanner to the device that you normally use to check members in. You can then launch the Kiosk mode in Clubworx and set the input option to 'Scanner input'. Now when you scan a member's card with the scanner, in kiosk mode, they will be checked in. 

Here is a quick tutorial that you can watch to ensure that you are using the correct kiosk mode. 

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