Accessing the General Kiosk Mode

Inside the General Kiosk Mode

The general attendance kiosk mode allows members to easily record attendance by searching for their name or using the scanner input. If they have been booked into an event on the day, they will be presented with an option to check in to the relevant event. 

If not, this mode will not allocate the member to a specific class so therefore will not reflect in attendance history.

Martial Arts Studios

When using attendances for 'Ranks' grading criteria, it is important to only use the 'Class Kiosk Mode' for marking attendances otherwise this may interfere with your rules that have been set up for the 'Ready to Grade' report.

Reasons why Kiosk Mode check in may not work for a member

There are a few rules in Clubworx that would prevent a member from checking in using any of the kiosk modes:

  • If a member is behind on payment an error message will appear when they try to check in.

  • Once a member has a cancelled membership or have run out of their allocated classes for the period, they will also be unable to check in with kiosk mode.

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