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How to Copy Waiver Questionnaire Answers to a Contact Profile
How to Copy Waiver Questionnaire Answers to a Contact Profile

When using waivers to collect answers in the questionnaire field, you can now see the answers on the general contact profile page!

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We are absolutely PUMPED to bring you the ability to quickly copy answers from waiver questionnaires to your contact's profile! - If you need a refresher on where waivers are and what they do, you can check out THIS article.

The questionnaire section of the waiver is a great way to collect extra information about your contacts - Such as their preferred billing day, what their interests are, if they've had previous experience, or any other info you might want to ask!

While this info used to only be viewable on the waiver itself (and you can still use it this way!) - You can now have the data show directly on the profile! When you're creating a waiver or if you have an existing waiver, just head to the questionnaire section and begin to create your questions:

There is now a new box that will ask "Copy answers to contact record" and you can choose "Never" (No), "For primary signee only" (Only the first person on the waiver), "For all signees" (For the person signing the waiver and any additional dependants/children on the waiver):

You can then choose if the new answers will overwrite previous answers in the case of a blank answer (if this is ticked, it means that if someone has previously answered a question but did not answer it in a future waiver, that would now show as blank):

You can also choose to make the questions required fields (which means they will not be able to submit the waiver without answering that question):

If you choose either "For primary signee only" or "For all signees" then when the contact signs the waiver it will show in the profile (of either only the signee - or all contacts on the waiver - depending on the settings). You will find this toward the bottom of the contact profile:

For any questionnaire field that is set to save against a contact, these will appear in the "Waiver Answers" section. This means that even if contacts have not signed a waiver yet, they will have this section.

Please be aware that the questionnaire section is for collecting general information. It is advised that you refer to applicable geographical laws regarding data collection/storage while designing waivers for your business.

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