Managing Wallet Sharing on Waivers

Now You Can Choose Which Contact Has a Payment Method!

Updated over a week ago

When signing up new members, you may have noticed that you now have 3 awesome options for choosing how memberships are allocated to contacts.

If your Clubworx account is integrated with a payment provider that allows wallet sharing, you will also be able to choose if the wallet is automatically shared to all contacts!

Pro Tip: If you are using the membership options "Add a paying membership for all attending signees (non-attending parents will not get a membership)" or "Allow each signee to choose their own membership plan on the form; add a paying membership for each signee. Parents will be able to choose their own membership with this option." then this is most likely the option for you!

When you scroll down and enable the "Payment Authority" section there will be a new "Payment Method Settings" option with a checkbox that allows you to Automatically Share the Payment Method with Dependents:

This means that the wallet will be automatically shared with the dependent if a parent/guardian enters their payment details. Each member's profile can be responsible for their own membership payments - So down the road, if a family with 2 children would like to suspend just one child's membership, it can now be done from that member's profile without affecting the other child's membership and payments. Amazing!

If you would like the default setting for this to be auto-selected while you are creating waiver templates, feel free to reach out to our team at and we can change the default setting for your ongoing waiver template creation!

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