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How to Bulk Enrol Members in a Workout
How to Bulk Enrol Members in a Workout

There is now a simple way to enrol multiple members into the same workout.

Written by Jessica Berry
Updated over a week ago
  1. Start by creating a report including the members that you'd like to enrol in the workout. In this example, we will be enrolling members who have the 'Robin' membership as pictured below:

2. Once you have created your report go to Workouts. Click on the + symbol beside the workout you'd like to use.

3. Select the report that you created in step 1. Then determine if you'd like to

  • Show the completed workout on the member portal;

  • Allow the member to perform workouts from the member portal; and

  • Allow members to be able to add and remove exercises from their workouts.

4. Confirm the list of members is correct. Untick any members that should not be included in the list. Then click on 'Add Workouts'.

5. You can confirm the workouts have been added by navigating to the members profile and clicking on the workout tab and you should see the workout listed there.

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