Creating workouts in Clubworx and assigning them to your members allows them to complete their exercises either privately by using the mobile member portal or with the help of a trainer in the gym. Once a workout has been completed the results are saved on the member's profile to help you monitor their progress.

The workout tracker can be accessed by going to the 'Admin' menu and selecting 'Workouts'.

When you are on the workouts page, you can either start adding individual exercises by selecting the 'Add/manage Exercises' button, or start creating your workouts immediately by selecting the 'Add Workout' button.

Add exercises

When you select the 'Add/manage Exercises' button, you can add/edit all the exercises that may be used when creating your workouts.

To add a new exercise you can select the '+New' button. Here is where you will specify whether the exercise is measured by either 'Weight & Reps', 'Just Reps' or Time/Distance'.

Create a workout

You can create a new workout by selecting the 'New Workout' button.

After you have named the workout you can add all the exercises with the required set and reps/distance at the correct weight (if necessary) to create a workout. Below are two examples of different workouts. There is also the option here to add more exercises by selecting the 'Add/Manage Exercises' link.

For more information regarding workouts, you can read this article on managing workouts or this article on how your members can self-report on their workouts. 

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