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How does my member record a workout?
How does my member record a workout?

Members can view and/or record their workouts using the Mobile Member Portal

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For information on how to create a workout, please read this article.

When you add a workout to a member, you can set it so that they can view and/or record workouts on their portal by setting the options to 'On'.

Once this is done, your member will be able to access the workout options from the menu.

To view their workout history, they can select the 'Completed Workouts' option.

To record a workout, they would need to select the 'Perform Workout' menu item and the select the 'Perform Workout' button below the relevant workout on the 'Regular Workouts' page.

This will display a mobile version of the page that records the workout results. We have made it simple to record the specified performance for each exercise by selecting the 'Target Hit' button. If the member performs the workout differently to prescribed, the fields can be edited manually and there is also space to record any comments for each exercise. 

Once the workout has been saved, it will appear in the member's profile under the 'Completed Workouts' section.

For more information on managing your member's workouts, click here

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