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Automation: Add a make up class
Automation: Add a make up class

You can now automatically add a make up class to a member using sequences.

Written by Jessica Berry
Updated over a week ago

It is now possible to automatically add a make up class to a membership using Sequences.

First, determine under what circumstances you would like to add a make-up class to your member's membership. Using sequences, you can add a make up class to a membership based on any Booking related sequence trigger. This includes but isn't limited to: booking marked attended, booking marked absent, booking late cancelled, first class attended, single booking created.

In our example below, we will be adding a makeup class to our members who attend their first class. This gives them an extra class for free!

To create the sequence, go to Sequences and click on the button at the top right hand side to + New Sequences.

From the Start Sequence On field, use the dropdown to select your sequence trigger.

Give your Sequence a title and then select a Category for your sequence (optional).

From the Sequence payload section at the top left hand side, scroll across until you see the Make-up class option.

Click on the Add make-up class and drag across to the grey box on the right hand side.

Determine how long after the sequence trigger you'd like the make-up classes to be added.

Fill out the fields to determine how many Make-up classes are added and add a description.

Select an option to determine if the make-up class will expire.

At this point you can save your sequence and use the toggle on the Sequences screen to turn it on.

However, if you choose to you can add an additional step to your sequence to notify your member that a Make-up class has been added to their membership. In this example, we will email the contact to let them know about their free session.

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