How To: Your Clubworx Image Library

The image library allows you to add images into Clubworx to use now or at a later date!

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Your members aren't the only ones working hard on improving: We'd like to introduce the Clubworx Image Library. The image library allows you to easily upload images into your Clubworx account for use whenever you need them!

Accessing the Image Library

Your image library can be accessed any time by heading to Settings then clicking Image Library:

You'll notice that the image library drawer will also appear when you are adding an image in the following places:

  • Sending a bulk email

  • Sending an email from a contact's profile

  • Adding a Logo or Header via Settings, Website, then Website Design

  • Adding an image to your Workouts if you use the Mobile App

  • Creating an Email Template

  • Sending an email to a contact or a user via Sequences

Adding Images to the Image Library

To add an image from your computer to the Image Library click on the + Upload Image button.

You will then just need to select the image from your computer that you would like to import into the image library.

If you'd like to upload an image that exists on a website, you will just need to go to the website and right-click the image, then select Copy Image Address:

Then back in your image library, click the v arrow and choose Import from URL:

This will bring up the URL box where you can paste in the image address (you can do this via ctrl+v on Windows, cmd+v on Mac, or right-clicking and choosing Paste from the menu)

Once your image address is in, just click Import and your image will be added.

Note: If you are using the image library to directly wmIL a contact, such as Email Templates, Bulk Emails, Roll Call, or Grading Events, you will have the option to skip adding the image to your library and simply adding the image directly. This will not be an option if you have gone to the image library via the Settings menu:

Staying Organised!

You can use the search bar to search for your images by name:

You can click on the image name to choose a new name so that it is easier to find:

If you have lots of images, you can store them in folders.

To create a folder, click the folder icon and then type in the name of your folder in this section (as noted by the number 2) then click Create Folder:

To add an image to a folder, click Set Folder or hover over the image so the 3 dots appear and then click the ... icon and select Move to Folder:

Made a folder by error? No worries. Just click the folder icon, then the cog icon beside the folder that you'd like to delete, and select Delete Folder (you will be given the option to delete the images within the folder):

You can filter your images by the folder they are in or where they are being used by using the Filter drop down:

Additionally, you can choose the sort order of your images via this filter:

Managing your Logo and Header

Your Logo is not only used on your Free Clubworx Website. It is also used on the corner of receipts, on the Book and Pay page, and is the default logo on waivers (but you can change the logo on a per-waiver basis as they are created).

To manage your logo, go to Settings then click Website and then select Website Design. When you click Select Image this will now show you the Image Library where you can add or replace the logo as required:

Do you need to freshen up a signature? Maybe do some spring cleaning?

To replace an image that is already being used, you can hover over the image then select the ... icon. Then click Replace Image which will allow you to update the image wherever it's being used, all at once!

Likewise, to remove an image, hover over the image then select the ... icon. Then click Delete:


My image is showing as a red cross: Currently only jpg, png, and gif files are permitted. Any other file will not be able to be uploaded.

Can I save trainer pictures/member profile pictures in my image library?: Any images uploaded to a contact profile or as a staff photo will not be saved to the image library.

Is the image private?: Anyone that has the image URL will be able to access the image. We recommend that you only use this for images that you are expecting to be shared in some capacity/for business purposes.

I've deleted an image and it still shows in emails: Sometimes the cache may take a little while to clear. If you have used the image in an email template, we recommend removing the image manually as well if it needs to be removed ASAP (eg: If something with sensitive information was uploaded and used by accident.)

For any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clubworx support team at

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