How to Bulk Import Contacts

Clubworx now allows you to bulk import new contacts. This feature can not be used to update existing contacts.

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To upload new contacts in bulk in Clubworx:

  1. Go to Settings > Bulk Imports.

  2. Click on '+ New Imports' and select the option for Contacts.

  3. Download the Sample file ('contact_import_sample.csv') to use as a template. You can fill in this spreadsheet with up to 1000 new contacts. If you need to upload more than 1000 contacts, this can be done in multiple batches by uploading two or more CSV files.

  4. Please note that the required fields are: Type, First Name, Last Name and email address.

  5. Please refer to the allowed columns list before adding any additional information to the spreadsheet.

  6. To upload your CSV file use to Choose File button to browse and select your spreadsheet then click Upload.

  7. When your CSV file has been successfully uploaded, you will receive an email prompting you to review. Follow the link to review your Contact Import in Clubworx.

  8. From the Map Columns tab, use the drop-down menus to ensure that each column is mapped to a corresponding field. Use the Confirm Mapping buttons to confirm each pair and then click Confirm Mappings and Proceed to next step to continue.

9. From the Review Import tab, have a look at the list of contacts and check to make sure that the information is correct eg. The email addresses match and the phone number is correct.

10. Any errors in formatting will be highlighted in red in the Error column. You can use the pencil icon to edit and make changes to the contact or use the trash can icon to delete the contact.

11. Once your contacts are all correct click on Start Import to complete the import.

12.Once the import is complete, you will receive the status message 'Import Complete' and you will be able to see a list of your contacts. And you're done!

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