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How do I see my member’s attendance?
How do I see my member’s attendance?

Here is a summary of the different places where you can see your member's attendances.

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You can view this summary of your member attendances on the Dashboard.

Click on one of the 'Show More' links to see more detail around your overall member attendances. This will take you through to the more detailed attendance reports.


Members - Attendance Report (last 7 Days)

This report will show you all your member attendances for the last 7 days.

Members - Absentee report (last 30 days)

This report will show your members that have been absent for the last 30 days.


Click on a specific event when viewing your Calendar to see a summary of members that have booked into that event

To see who has already checked in, you will need to click on the 'View Event' button.

Class Kiosk

Another way to see which members are booked into classes is to open the Class Kiosk Mode under the Calendar menu. 

Contacts page

There are two ways that you can view a specific member's attendance history. 

Activity tab

The activity stream for the member is displayed on the member's landing page under 'Contacts'. If you change the filter to 'Attendance' this will show a list of all activity for the member.

Attendance tab

The attendance tab will show more detail around the member's attendance history as well as future bookings. This page will also have a graph and you can export this information as well.

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