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Learn more about your CoachRx notifications page.

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Accessing the Client Notification Screen

To access the client notification screen, simply click on the notification bell icon situated in the top right corner of your profile. Upon clicking, a drop-down menu will appear. To view all notifications, click on the "See All" option. This action will redirect you to the dedicated notification screen, where several actions can be performed.

Reviewing and Managing Notifications

Upon reaching the notification screen, you'll be presented with an overview of all your notifications. This feature proves invaluable for staying updated on the latest interactions with your clients. To efficiently manage your notifications, the following options are available:

1. Mark All as Read: If you have a large number of notifications and wish to clear them all at once, this option allows you to mark all notifications as read, streamlining your notification feed.

2. Marking Individual Notifications: In cases where you prefer to handle each notification individually, you have the flexibility to mark them as read individually. This ensures that you don't miss any critical updates from your clients.

3. Filtering Notifications: To customize the display of notifications based on your preferences, the notification screen provides filtering options. You can choose to view notifications only in specific categories, ranging from important updates to general information like Frequently Made Inquiries (FMI).

Exploring Notification Details

When a notification catches your attention, you can dig deeper by clicking on it. This action will expand the notification, revealing additional information and options. Here are some features available when exploring a notification:

1. Viewing Results and Videos: By clicking on a notification, you gain access to the results of your client's progress. This could include performance data, achievements, or milestones. Additionally, you can also view videos shared by your client, enabling you to provide targeted feedback or guidance.

2. Engaging in Comments: The notification screen allows you to read comments made by your client and respond directly. This promotes effective communication, enabling you to address any concerns or provide encouragement promptly.

3. Private Notes for Coaches: As a coach, it is crucial to keep track of your observations, insights, and recommendations. Within the notification screen, you can attach private notes to specific notifications. These notes serve as personal reminders or references, aiding you in tailoring your coaching approach.

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