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The CoachRx app is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to both coaches and clients. While clients receive their prescriptions, exercise plans, and lifestyle recommendations through the app, coaches can leverage its features for effective communication and client management. In this article, we will take a quick walkthrough of the CoachRx app from a coach's perspective, highlighting its key functionalities.

Switching Between Coach and Client Accounts

For coaches who also have client accounts, the CoachRx app provides a seamless toggle between coach and client interfaces. Within the app, you will find an icon allowing you to switch to the coach account, focusing solely on the coach functionalities.

Consultation Booking Link and Profile Management

The app offers access to the consultation booking link, which corresponds to the coach's profile on the desktop version. Coaches can conveniently update this link within the app, ensuring that clients can easily book consultations through their CoachRx app.

Additionally, coaches can manage their profile details through the app. This includes changing passwords and updating notifications according to their preferences. Personalizing push notifications and email alerts allows coaches to stay informed and responsive to client interactions.

Support and Help Section

To assist coaches with any questions or concerns, the CoachRx app features a support or help section. This resource provides valuable guidance, ensuring that coaches can make the most of the app's functionalities and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Message and Notification Management

Coaches can access and view all messages from clients directly within the app. This streamlines communication and allows for quick responses and updates. Notifications, including important updates and alerts, are also conveniently displayed in a dedicated section, enabling coaches to stay informed about client activities and progress.

Client List and Training Program Management

Within the CoachRx app, coaches can access their client list, providing a comprehensive overview of their clientele. From this list, coaches can review individual client training programs, leave comments, and provide guidance. In cases where coaches have in-person training sessions with clients and control the app, they can also update the training programs accordingly.

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