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Learn more about Consultations and CoachRx.

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Effective communication is vital in the coach-client relationship, and having a dedicated space to house all direct interactions is crucial for seamless collaboration. The consultation section within CoachRx serves as the central hub for storing and managing all communication conducted through check-ins and consultations. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the consultation section and its functionalities.

Weekly Check-Ins

To initiate the consultation process, let's begin with the weekly check-ins. In CoachRx, you have the option to select a specific day for the weekly check-in. By setting a preferred day, the check-in will be sent to your client's CoachRx app on that designated day. For example, if you choose Sunday as the weekly check-in day and activate the default weekly check-in, it will automatically be sent to your client on Sundays.

Monthly Consultations

Moving on to monthly consultations, this section allows you to review previous consultations with your clients. You can access and view these consultations, and if necessary, add new monthly consultations. It is essential to note that within your client's app, there is a "Last Consultation" section that tracks the date of your last filled-out monthly consultation form. To ensure accurate tracking and visibility for both you and your client, it is recommended to complete these forms within CoachRx. While the consultation notes don't need to be excessively detailed, jotting down a few key points and saving them will indicate to CoachRx that a monthly consultation has taken place, which will be reflected in your client's app.

Initial Consultations

Within the consultation section, you can also access and manage your initial consultations with clients. The initial consult serves as an important foundation for your coaching journey together. If you already have an initial consult recorded, you can view and edit it as needed. However, it's important to note that only one initial consult can be added. If you wish to replace the existing one, you can delete it and add a new one in its place.

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