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Training Schedule Updating/Management
Training Schedule Updating/Management

Learn more on how to use training scheduling in CoachRx.

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In CoachRx, an advanced fitness coaching application, your client's training schedule is seamlessly connected to their daily plan, ensuring optimal coordination between workouts and daily activities. By understanding your clients' training times, you can efficiently plan and track their progress. This article will guide you through the process of syncing training schedules in CoachRx, making it easier for both coaches and clients to stay on top of their fitness journey.

Integrated Training Schedule:

At the core of CoachRx lies a powerful feature that links your client's training schedule directly to their daily plan. It is essential to have visibility into when your clients are training to effectively structure their workouts and align them with other daily commitments. By synchronizing their training schedule, you can provide personalized guidance and support, maximizing the effectiveness of their training sessions.

Client Updates and Coach Notifications:

To ensure accuracy and real-time updates, clients have the ability to update their training schedule directly from their side of the app. Once updated, this information is automatically pushed and reflected in your CoachRx interface. As a coach, you can stay informed about any modifications made by your clients, allowing you to adapt their training plans accordingly.

Direct Link to Daily Plan:

The training schedule is seamlessly connected to the daily plan within CoachRx. This means that if a client indicates they won't be training on specific days, those days will be excluded from the daily plan. For instance, if a client specifies that they are not training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, those days will not appear in the daily plan. This integration ensures that the daily plan accurately reflects your client's training commitments.

Verifying Training Days:

If a day is missing from the daily plan, it is crucial to cross-reference the training schedule. To do this, simply navigate to the training schedule section and ensure that the respective days are toggled on or off. To switch between active and inactive training days, click on the "AM" or "PM" sections. An active day will be indicated by a white toggle, while an inactive day will appear grayed out. By confirming the correct settings, you can ensure the accuracy of the daily plan.

Coaches and Client Control:

In CoachRx, coaches have the ability to make adjustments to the training schedule directly from their side of the app. This flexibility allows you to accommodate any changes or updates necessary for your clients' training plans. Additionally, clients themselves can also update their training schedule within the client app, reducing the burden on coaches to manually modify every change. This shared control streamlines communication and ensures that the training schedule remains up to date.

By leveraging the seamless integration of training schedules in CoachRx, coaches can optimize their clients' fitness journeys. The direct connection between the training schedule and the daily plan guarantees accurate tracking and planning of workouts. With the ability for clients to update their schedules and coaches to make modifications as needed, both parties can stay in sync effortlessly. Embrace the power of CoachRx to streamline training schedules and focus on what matters most – guiding your clients towards their fitness goals.

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