Products and Subscriptions

How do I set up products and subscriptions?

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Everything starts with the product in CoachRx. Recurring subscriptions are connected to products (ie-ongoing coaching memberships), as well as one-time payments (ie-tee shirts). No matter what you are selling, it must be a product.

To create products…

  1. Go to “Business”

  2. Click into “Payments”

  3. Click the “Products” heading

  4. Click “Add product”

  5. Create product name

  6. Create product description

  7. Tie the product to a coach if applicable (this is needed to connect to the Payroll feature) but not needed if you are not paying a coach for revenues gathered from this product

  8. Create pricing plans that will be tied to the product

To set up recurring subscriptions…

  1. Go to “Business”

  2. Click into “Payments”

  3. Click the “Recurring” heading

  4. Click “Create Subscription”

  5. Select a client to connect to subscription

  6. Select a product

  7. Select a pricing plan

  8. Add payment method (or ensure payment method is in)

  9. Create start, end, and bill on dates. If the bill and start dates are different, Stripe will automatically prorate the charge.

  10. Start subscription

Invoicing Notes...

  1. Coaches can insert the clients credit card info while setting up the subscription

  2. Coaches can use a payment method on file to run the initial charge

  3. Coaches can send an invoice to the client that will be received via email*
    *Stripe takes ~60 min to generate and send invoices once created

  4. Once a subscription is created and an invoice is sent, all invoices must be paid within 23 hours to avoid an automatic cancellation for the subscription.

    1. Best Practice: Check your invoices to ensure the client(s) have paid the invoices

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