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How do I send invoices to my clients?

Updated over a week ago

Sending Invoices

You can send invoices to your clients when creating recurring subscriptions. Do this by going to the “Recurring” tab, create a subscription, choose “Send Client Invoice” and the invoice will be sent to their email address. Once they pay that invoice, the payment method they use will be the default payment method in CoachRx.

To send past invoices to your clients. Go to their client profile, go to the “Billing” tab, download and send any past invoice from their profile.

Note: When sending invoices, invoices will sit in your account as a draft for an hour and will then send to the client.

Failed Payments

If a client's payment fails, the invoice will automatically retry to process the payment in 3 days. The attempts will continue to retry every 3 days until it goes through. If the invoice does not process, it will remain past due until it is either marked as void or the subscription is canceled.

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