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Business Suite - Payments
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Payment AvailabilityIs this integration available in my country?
Connecting to StripeLearn more about connecting to Stripe.
Business Suite OverviewLearn more about the CoachRx Business Suite.
Adding Payment Information For ClientsLearn more about adding payment information for clients.
Business Suite Feature AccessLearn more about Owner, Super Admin, Admin and Coach access rights.
Updating Personal InformationHow do I update my banking, legal, and personal information?
FeesWhat does it cost to use CoachRx Payments?
CoachRx PaymentsWhat is CoachRx Payments?
ACH PaymentsCan I accept ACH payments?
Metrics & ReportingWhat Data do I have access to?
Exporting DataHow do I export data from Metrics & Reporting?
ComplianceWill I be PCI compliant?
InvoicesHow do I send invoices to my clients?
Products and SubscriptionsHow do I set up products and subscriptions?
TaxHow do I charge tax?
Communications PreferencesSetting up your communications preferences is key after setting up your account.
TrialsHow do I create trials for my clients?
ProratingHow do I prorate recurring payments?
Splitting Payments for the Same ProductHow do I split subscription payments?
Deleting Products and Pricing PlansHow do I delete products and pricing plans?
Canceling Recurring SubscriptionsCan I cancel subscriptions?
Billing FrequencyHow often can I charge my client for a recurring subscription?
Discounts and Coupon CodesHow can I add discounts and coupon codes?
PayoutsWhen can I expect to get payouts to my bank?
Dispute ProcessWhat do I do if my client disputes a charge?
Dispute/ChargebackWhat are disputes and chargebacks?
Avoiding DisputesWhat can I do to avoid disputes?
Dispute ChargesDo I get charged for disputes?