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Client Priorities

Learn more on how to assign/remove client priorities.

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In CoachRx, effectively managing and addressing your client's priorities is crucial for their progress and success. The priority section within the platform allows you to centralize and organize these priorities, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which client priorities can be added, modified, and removed from the priority section, providing you with a streamlined approach to personalized coaching.

Adding Priorities

When it comes to incorporating your client's priorities into the CoachRx platform, you have multiple options at your disposal. One method involves conducting consultations with your clients to discuss and identify their most pressing needs and goals. By actively engaging with your clients, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences and tailor their coaching experience accordingly.

Additionally, priorities can be automatically added to the priority section through mechanisms such as failed assessments and OPEX move. When a client falls short in an assessment or requires a change in their training program, CoachRx can automatically flag these areas as priorities, ensuring that they receive the necessary attention.

Manual addition is another way to populate the priority section. By selecting the "Add Priority" option, you can input specific priorities identified through discussions, observations, or other means. For example, if a client expresses a desire to increase their water intake, you can simply enter "drink more water" as a priority and save it within the platform.

Managing Priorities

Once priorities are added to the priority section, CoachRx offers a range of functionalities to help you effectively manage them. Each priority is saved as a tag, making it easy to locate and review within the platform. To remove or delete priorities, simply access the relevant priority tag and make the necessary adjustments. This feature allows you to stay organized and keep the priority section up-to-date as your client progresses towards their goals.

Deleting Priorities

As clients make progress and their priorities evolve, it becomes essential to update the priority section accordingly. For instance, if a client initially struggled with core exercises but has since achieved the desired level of muscular endurance, you can remove all priorities associated with that specific issue. By deleting priorities that are no longer relevant, you can ensure that the priority section remains focused on current and pertinent client needs.

The priority section in CoachRx provides a centralized hub for managing your client's priorities effectively. Whether it's through consultations, automatic triggers, or manual entries, CoachRx allows you to capture and address the needs of your clients comprehensively. By regularly updating and adjusting the priority section, you can deliver a personalized coaching experience that aligns with your clients' evolving goals and aspirations.

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