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Assessment & Fitness Monitoring

Learn more on assessment & fitness monitoring in CoachRx.

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In the realm of fitness coaching, assessments and fitness monitoring are crucial components for tracking progress and tailoring individualized training programs. With the introduction of CoachRx, an innovative software tool, fitness professionals can efficiently manage assessments, track client data, and monitor fitness progress with ease.


The assessment phase begins with accessing OPEX body, OPEX move, and OPEX work in CoachRx. Upon opening the platform, the initial display reveals blank fields, requiring coaches to input relevant information gathered from their clients.

Under the OPEX body section, specific details such as body weight, body fat percentage, and other measurements are recorded. Additionally, coaches can add pertinent notes regarding their clients' body conditions.

Within OPEX move, coaches assign a pass or fail status for each assessment. In case of a failure, coaches are prompted to select the appropriate fault. For instance, if a client displays an inability to balance during a particular movement, that fault can be identified. Coaches also have the option to indicate a potential cause for the failure, such as insufficient strength.

One of the notable features of CoachRx is its automatic generation of priorities based on the assessments. These priorities are seamlessly integrated into the client's priority section, enabling coaches to easily refer to them and design customized training plans.

Coaches proceed by completing the remaining assessments, inputting data and notes for the isometric assessments as well as OPEX work, which includes details about specific exercises and prescribed durations.

Fitness Monitoring

Once the assessments are complete, coaches transition to the fitness monitoring phase, facilitated by CoachRx. The platform offers predefined energy systems categories, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, as well as resistance training options. Coaches can effortlessly update these categories by adding new results as required.

A key advantage of CoachRx is the visualization of progress over time. Fitness results are graphically represented both in the client's app and on the coach's side, providing an intuitive overview of the client's journey. These graphs serve as valuable tools for analyzing and interpreting the effectiveness of the training program.

Furthermore, CoachRx incorporates a structural balance tab, which aligns with the principles taught in OPEX CCP (Certified Coach Program). This feature provides coaches with a comprehensive overview of their client's structural balance, aiding in the identification of areas that require focused attention.

It's worth noting that some of the data within the resistance training and energy systems beginner categories are automatically updated based on information from OPEX body move and work, streamlining the monitoring process.

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