Programs Settings

What are the program settings?

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CoachRx gives you the ability to customize your programs so you can deliver your ideal experience. When in your program, click the “Settings” button.


In this tab, you can determine

  1. If you want comments for your clients in the program to be read-only

  2. If you want messages for your clients in the program to be read-only

  3. Visibility of the program from your client’s app

*Note- Program clients are considered clients in CoachRx and have full access to account settings and resources as all clients do.

Sales Page

In this tab, you can fully customize your program's sales page to sell online. You can customize this landing page to your brand image and voice by updating images, videos, program description, coach information, and more!

Once this is set, you will have to toggle the “Public” setting on. Now you can embed on your website, share in email, on social media, or send it directly to prospects.

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