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Using CoachRx for Group Fitness Gyms

Using CoachRx's Live Program Feature for Group Fitness Gyms

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CoachRx offers a fantastic feature for group fitness gyms that share the same program, Live Programs. With Live Programs, coaches can design a program using the live programs calendar and push out the workout to all clients that are in that program each day.

The live programs feature is an efficient tool for coaches to design programs and manage multiple clients' training programs. This feature enables coaches to assign workout programs to clients and adjust each client's program after it is assigned through their client profile if needed. With the live program feature, each client gets access to CoachRx through their own login, and all clients that are in that program are pushed the workout each day.

How to Use the Live Program Feature

The Live Program feature is easy to use and can be accessed through the CoachRx app. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Program

From the CoachRx web dashboard, create a program from the Programs tab. When creating a program, select "Live Program" as the program type.

Step 2: Add Clients to the Program

Once you have created a program, you can add clients to the program from the "Assign Program" button in the program itself. Note, if you are selling the program online through your storefront, clients will be automatically assigned upon the purchase of the program.

Adjusting the Program

If you need to adjust the program, you can do so right in the program calendar-this will adjust the program for all clients assigned to that program. If you need to adjust an individual client's program, you can do so by adjusting that client's individual calendar.

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