Selling Programs

How do I sell my online programs?

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This article will share everything you need to know about selling your program(s) online. To sell your programs online, you will need to:

  1. Have payments set up through CoachRx. If you are all set, great! If not, follow these simple instructions to get set up.

  2. Create a product and pricing plans for your program. When doing this, you will need to connect to a program from your program library from your Index. You can also select a coach to connect the program to for payroll purposes.

  3. Go to ‘settings’ in the program you are selling in the index to update your program settings and to update the sales page.

  4. Embed your sales page URL on your website or send directly to customers to purchase your program.

  5. Upon purchase, your new clients will be automatically invited to CoachRx through email, dropped into the program coach’s client list, payment will be processed/subscription started, and the program will be in their app.

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