As soon as your Administrator has configured the integration, you can begin processing inbound documents from the System directly into PointClickCare (PCC).

The below steps assume you've utilized Triage to complete any necessary document breaking and indexing on a received fax or uploaded batch of documents.

Patient Search and Download to EMR with PCC

  1. Login to PointClickCare when prompted (every 24 hours).

  2. Begin by entering any of the Patient Details, and click the magnifying glass icon. The System will search PCC real-time and return any patients that match your search. Note: If the patient is no longer active, select the checkbox for Show Inactive Patients to include inactive patients in your results.

  3. Click on the correct patient so that they are highlighted, and click Select to assign their details to the message.

  4. Select a Document Type from the drop-down list for each attachment on your message. This list is also being pulled real-time from the PCC Misc tab.

  5. Once the patient and attachment details are complete, click Download to EMR (blue cloud icon). The cloud will turn yellow and a banner will notify you that the message has been marked available for download.

  6. At any time after you have clicked Download to EMR, you may return to My Intake to continue processing additional messages.

  7. Once the download has been completed, the cloud will turn green. Your documents have been sent to Misc in the patient's chart in PCC. The status of the message in My Intake will update to Processed.

  • If the System runs into a problem saving the document to PCC, it will appear back in My Intake as Suspended for your further review.

  • PCC has a technical limit of 5mb limit per document. Please utilize the Triage feature, as needed, for document breaking.

  • If you don't see the patient or document type you are looking for but your integration is active, please check with your administrator to confirm the correct facilities have been integrated with the System.

Example of logging into PCC, completing patient search and downloading to EMR.

Example of logging into PCC, completing patient search and downloading to EMR.

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