A FAMILY is defined as a group of related members that you want to group together.  A benefit if doing this, is that you can set booking restrictions and set up membership tiers at the family level as a whole.

Let's look at how to how at new Family.

  1.    First, click Families in your Members Menu:

 2.  Next click the "Create New Family" in the top right.  

This is where you will add the Family details.  
Family Name: This is usually the LAST name of the family.
Family ID: This is where you can specify the Family ID.
(Note: If you do not specify a Family ID, one will be generated)
Family Membership: This is where you will specify the Membership type of this family. Click HERE to learn more about how to setup different Membership Tiers and set the booking rules for each.

Click "Save Changes" and the Family will be created.

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