By default, ball machines are setup under RESOURCES.  To change the name of RESOURCES, to for example BALL MACHINES, click SETTINGS->GENERAL.

At the bottom of the setting update this field:

By doing this, RESOURCES will not be replaced with BALL MACHINES:

To add new BALL MACHINES you first need a BALL MACHINE CATEGORY.

This is where you will adding your different types of ball machines such as Tennis, Pickleball, etc.  NOTE: If you only have one type, then you can just call the category BALL MACHINE.

Next, to add individual ball machines, click SETTINGS->MANAGE BALL MACHINES.
Click CREATE NEW to add a new one.

  • Select the category.

  • Name your ball machine.

  • If your ball machines is restricted to certain courts, specify them in the text box labeled "If this Ball Machine can only be used on certain courts, choose them here".

  • Make sure the IS ACTIVE checkbox is checked.

Now that you have your ball machine created, you will see the BALL MACHINE Scheduler.

What happens if my members do not see the ball machine option? This happens when you have not checked the BALL MACHINE under SETTINGS->BOOKING SETTINGS->BOOKABLE ITEMS.  Make sure the Ball Machine is checked.  Also, make sure under SETTINGS->BOOKING SETTINGS->GENERAL that the option "ALLOW MEMBERS TO BOOK BALL MACHINES" is checked.

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