Part of getting your platform setup involves designating what items can be booked by members. Bookable items are things you want to give your members permission to participate in.

For example, do you want your members to be able to make reservation for Singles or Doubles? Do you want them to be able to book the hard courts or clay courts online? Additionally, if there are any resources (ball machines, speakers, etc.) that you'd like your members to be able to reserve, you will need to set that up here.

To get started, we'll go to Settings > Booking Settings > Bookable Items:

Once here, we can create customizations for available items to book based on Membership Type:

Another example is being able to customize Court Types available:

NOTE: If you are on the Member Portal and you receive an error that your membership is not available to book this court and/or item, go to BOOKING SETTINGS > BOOKABLE ITEMS and look at the settings.

Often times, it is because certain memberships have limitations and/or System Users didn't check certain boxes.

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