Welcome Email Example in CourtReserve

This is for clubs who are IMPORTING a list of members with the CourtReserve Team.

After the team has uploaded your list then you will need to send out the WELCOME EMAIL in order to get your members to set up their password.

To CREATE your Welcome Email, you'll go to SETTINGS > PORTAL SETTINGS > WELCOME EMAIL:

NOTICE: Here, you will create the TEMPLATE for the Welcome Email. If you do not write / save the email HERE, it WILL NOT BE SAVED for future use.

So if we go into the custom field shown below, we can CUSTOMIZE the message we would like to be sent to our new members.

The brackets as shown above ( {{First Name }} ) will automatically be replaced by the system. Therefore, {{First Name}} will be replaced by the system with the user's first name and the {{Organization Name}} will be replaced by the Organization's name that is sending the email.

Once your message is complete, 'SAVE.'


CLICK HERE AND REVIEW all of the different videos, articles that you can link to, copy/ paste and use in your own websites, Welcome Pages, emails and educational materials. The more information you can link to for your MEMBERS the better! Feel free to use as you need to in getting instructions out to your Membership.


Make sure you choose the correct Club reply to email.

This Welcome Email message will allow them to click and RESET their PASSWORD which will be at the end of this document.

Choose who to send the email to

Include any pictures, logos or additional messages or attach files and hit send!

****NOTE: Additional message(s) here, would mean that this is a ONE-TIME customized email being added onto the Welcome Email. Therefore, PLEASE customize your WELCOME EMAIL under PORTAL SETTINGS so it will always send out the same information each time.

Your WELCOME EMAIL will go to your Members and look similar to this:

When they CLICK HERE it will direct them to SET UP a PASSWORD.

Once they fill out and hit Save Password they will have created their own account and can log in and create reservations and sign up for events based on permissions set up at the club.

They can also use the same Email and Password on the mobile app.

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